With services in branding, mobile app and web app production, and keynote website design, Digiteer Agency is the provider for uplifting your digital presence. Fancy business requires fancy design, and luckily for you we're familiar with both.

Brand Building

We offer bespoke brand solutions for organisations wanting that fresh look. We'll work out exactly what materials you need – from generating a new logo for business cards and social media banners and all in between – and deliver a brand experience which elevates and resonates with you and your customers from print to your website.

Design-lead Process

The templated website is dead. Long live the custom-designed website. Cookie-cutter designs have no advantage in the real world and position your business along with everyone of your competitors. We craft innovative website and app designs to solve your challenging UI/UX problems and elevate your digital presence, all inspired by you.

Bespoke Implementations

From Progress Web Apps to Hybrid App development for Apple and Android devices, we have the expertise to bring you the advanced digital solutions you didn't know you needed. Even if your after a standard website with a customer design.

WordPress Development

We've worked extensively with the powerful and flexible WordPress CMS. If you're looking to see what WordPress can do for you or need help with an existing WordPress installation, we can help.



Digiteer Agency has worked on a variety of outstanding projects with exceptional clients. Here is a curated list of websites to showcase our diverse skillset in delivering on the promise of exceptional work, without exception.

Digiteer Agency was attentive, helpful and patient, a real support for someone whose only concern was with the content, not the digital process. Their work was prompt and they always offered further support if needed.

Dr Regina Ganter - Professor, School of Humanities, Languages and Social Science, Griffith University



Azenko provides bespoke IT and managed services to SME through the custom implementation of comprehensive resourcing and technology solutions. Digiteer Agency worked with Azenko to define their identify, customer avatars & journeys, and to build a next-level website.

Endeavour College of Natural Health


The Endeavour website is massive with hundreds of nodes, each requiring content which needed to adhere to strict TEQSA requirements and regulations. The scale of the project intense IA and UX strategy. The end result is a mobile-first website which out performs all competitors in Australia in almost every capacity.

RightsCon Sumit Series


RightsCon Summit Series is an annual conference focused on igniting discussion in support of a free and open internet. The conference website focussed on providing a refreshing medium to present information relevant to the conference content and participant organisations and individual professionals.



Raeda is a revolutionary transportation idea, seeking to disrupt not just the industry of commuting, but the notion of saving time itself. The Raeda website is an incredibly complex system, supporting User Registrations, extended custom functionality, and several unique and custom data schemas with supporting functionality.

Net Neutrality


The Global Net Neutrality Coalition website is targeted at clearly defining Net Neutrality in numerous languages. The website also serves as the signon page for the Global Net Neutrality Coalition, which is a group of organisations in support of sustaining global net neutrality.

Griffith University German Missionaries Project


The Griffith Universtiy German Missionaries in Australia Project was tasks with documenting all German-speaking missions throughout Australia's history. The custom implementation on this website is the unique interactive map with chronological dataset browsing supported through a custom timeline UI.

The websites, advocacy tools, and data visualizations Digiteer Agency built for us provided tremendous help in harnessing our digital strategy and mobilizing action takers.

Brett Solomon - Executive Director, Access Now



Because we believe in our work we deliver unsurpassable quality for our clients. We at Digiteer Agency build digital products because that's what we love to do. We sustain a passion-driven process because the results of such a process beat the competition every time, ensuring that you receive the most effective solution possible.

Passion-driven Process

Each project receives the special attention it deserves. Passionate work for your passion projects.

Expertise at Your Disposal

With experience and talent in various niches, we command a skillset which can solve your technical challenges.

Unbeatable Digital Solutions

Innovative digital solutions with immersive impact and real results is standard with Digiteer.



We're an odd bunch of design geeks and computer nerds, all bent on pushing ourself and our team forward in curious and innovate ways. Everyone at Digiteer Agency shares the one thing at our cores: an enthusiasm for life and a curiousity for all things interesting and unknown. We're hungry and we're in the best place to grow.

Our highest priority is the quality of solutions we provide and unlike many digital agencies out there, we will not jeopardise the longevity or performance of your solutions. We're always aiming to better listen to and serve our clients so we can continue delivering our trademakr fantastic and beautiful results many have come to know and love, and something everyone in the Digiteer Agency team takes tremendous pride in orchestrating and delivering. Our industry is a tough one, but we're excited about the future helping to uplift the online presence of companies around the globe and do our part to better the great industry of digital design.



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